The production plants and oil and gas treatment are constituted by many very complicated processes, each of which is characterized by special safety problems.
The characteristic processes of this type of systems in fact often operate in particularly difficult environmental conditions such as the open sea, deserts, the polar regions; these environments almost always require a particular attention to the problems related to their protection, besides the production plants normally operate at pressures, temperatures and very high flow rates.
For all these reasons it is clear that any failure or breakage of components or devices can lead to catastrophic consequences, with the loss of many human lives, major environmental damage and significant economic losses.
The production processes and in the oil and gas treatment must therefore operate in the most safe and reliable way. The design of the systems in accordance with IEC 61511 is the correct approach to effectively face up to the safety and reliability issues related to this industry.


HINTSW - T & T Systems is able to provide its customers with qualified support for all the activities within the development life cycle of programmable electronic systems used in systems and applications in the Oil & Gas industry that require compliance with IEC 61511. More in detail:


  • Definition of the safety plan of the system life cycle.
  • Definition of procedures for risk assessment.
  • Hazard & Risk Assessment (HAZOP, HA).
  • Definition of procedures for the management of the SIS configuration - Safety Instrumented System.
  • Planning of the verification activities related to the safety lifecycle.
  • Development of the validation plan and of the application software testing procedures.
  • Development of the plan and the verification procedures of the application software.
  • Definition of procedures for the management of the SIS (Safety Instrumented System) configuration.
  • Allocation of SIF (Safety Instrumented Function) to the levels of protection and determination of their respective SIL (Safety Integrity Level).
  • Specification of the safety requirements of the SIS - Safety Instrumented System.
  • Design and engineering of SIS including the calculation and verification of the SIL of each SIF:
    • Calculation of the PDF (Probability of Failure on Demand) of each control loop;
    • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) of each control loop;
    • FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) of each control loop;
    • Diagram of reliability blocks and calculation of the SIL of each control loop.
  • Description of the hardware & softwere architecture of the SIS.
  • Specification of the software safety requirements.
  • Definition of the procedures for modifying  the SIS.
  • RAM  analisys (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) comprising the calculation of the availability of SIS and BPCS - Basic Process Control System.


HINTSW - T & T Systems has worked assiduously in the oil and gas industry by participating in numerous national and international projects developed in compliance with the IEC 61511, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Subsystems ESD (Emergency Shutdown System) and Fire & Gas detection of the production plant Agiba West Ashrafi - Egypt (for Siemens I & S).
  • SW for supervision and assembly AGIP oil wells in Val d'Agri - Power system (Telegyr).
  • Monitoring and control system, submarine pipeline Civitavecchia - Montalto di Castro - Lazio (for Telegyr).



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HINTSW - T&T Systems has been operating for over a decade in the field of functional safety concerning the main industrial sectors and public transport.

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HINTSW division provides highly professional and specialized consultancy in the development of programmable electronic system used in safety-critical applications.

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The safety certification of a system or equipment is often an arduous challenge to win, HINTSW provides all the support and know-how necessary to win.

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HINTSW, drawing from their expertise, offers a wide range of services in the field of vocational training.

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