HINTSW - T & T Systems is able to define, plan and execute the HW validation test protocols using the methods and techniques recommended by the standards, HINTSW - T & T Systems is able to plan and implement the HW validation process  in compliance with the industry regulations and standards relating to functional safety.

More in detail HIMTSW - T & T Systems applies most of the methods and hardware test techniques recommended in the standards relating to the functional safety of programmable electronic systems (such as the IEC 61508-2 and IEC 61508-7), including , by way of example, we report the following:
  • TestHW-2Functional tests.
  • Black-box tests.
  • Functional tests with setting up of the environmental conditions 
  • Test of immunity to electromagnetic interference and shock waves.
  • Test with injection of errors.
  • Tests under the most unfavorable conditions.
  • Stress tests, tests under extreme conditions.
  • Statistical tests.
  • Diagrams cause - consequence
  • Static analysis; dynamic analysis.
  • Analysis of the most unfavorable conditions.
  • FTA - Fault Tree Analysis.
  • Analysis of failure modes and effects (FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis); analysis of failure modes, their effects and their criticality (FMECA - Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis).

TestHW-3HINTSW - T & T Systems has sufficient knowledge in the use of laboratory equipment necessary to perform most of the hardware testing including: oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, waveform generators, counter, incircuit emulator, and so on. For possible performance of climatic tests, EMC or mechanical HINTSW collaborates with by specialized and accredited laboratories.

In addition to the methodologies and test techniques, the standards require that the hardware testing process produces as output a well determined documentation.
HINTSW - T & T Systems, together with the design and validation phases, draw up the specification and reporting documentation in accordance with the requirements of the standards; usually this hardware documentation consists of the following documents (the names and contents can vary depending on the application environment and applicable standards):
  • Specification HW test: document drawn up in parallel with the specification of the safety requirements allocated to the hardware during the design; often this document coincides with the system test specification.
  • Integration test specification: document drawn up in parallel with the hardware architecture definition (decomposition into subsystems and components) during the design activity.
  • Report of Integration tests: document drawn upon execution of system integration testing during the same name validation phase.
  • System validation reports: document produced during the execution of system validation tests, when the process of validation, both for  software and  for hardware, is finished;

HINTSW - T & T Systems is also able to design the integration testing protocols HW/SW; also in this case, the methods and techniques required by the standards are applied.


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HINTSW - T&T Systems has been operating for over a decade in the field of functional safety concerning the main industrial sectors and public transport.

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