In the field of safety engineering, HINTSW – T&T Systems is capable of carrying out specialized activities required for the design and implementation of programmable electronic control systems used in safety-critical applications, or otherwise used to perform machines and systems safety functions.

 Activities, methodologies and techniques

PowerPlantSafetySafety engineering activities carried out by HINTSW – T&T Systems cover the phases of conception, design, testing and maintenance, both evolutionary and corrective on an installation, system or equipment, and its purpose is to manage the related risk with the aim of its elimination or reduction to an acceptable level.

HINTSW uses a solid and proactive approach which influences the design of safety-critical systems starting from different types of "risk analysis" and "hazard identification & analysis", and from various activities of validation, verification and assessment.

The safety engineering activities carried out by HINTSW have their solid base both on the skills and experience of their safety-engineer and also on the major safety engineering methodologies such as "Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)", "Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)", "Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)" and "Cause-Consequence Analysis (CCA)". Usually the purpose of these analyses is to estimate the probability of occurrence of an hazard and the severity of its consequences and/or to determine the probability of failure of a system, subsystem, or equipment.

In the field of programmable electronic safety-related engineering, HINTSW – T&T Systems carries out SIL verification on plants and systems, also in a great complexity range. Moreover HINTSW – T&T Systems also carries out all the safety engineering activities related to Hardware and Software design, such as definition of fault-tolerant hardware architectures; definition of built-in self-test functions and tests protocols; calculation of the probability of failure and, in general, of all the parameters aimed to determine a system or control ring Safety Integrity Level (SIL). Also in this instance all the main safety-engineering methodologies are adopted. These are for example: Event Tree and Markov Analysis, Weibull Analysis, Reliability Block Diagrams, and so on.

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SIL verification


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Fault-tolerant hardware architectures


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Hardware testing


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About Software

SafetySoftwareThe safety of programmable electronic systems cannot disregard the software, which must be strictly designed, implemented and tested with the methodologies of safety engineering, so as to realize the so-called "safety software". Also in this field HINTSW has the skills to carry out all the activities planned for the entire safety life cycle of the software.

HINTSW is especially able to use the most popular CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) on the market, applying most of the development and testing methodologies and techniques required by the safety standards regarding software up to SIL 4.

Moreover, HINTSW has deep technical knowledge that make it possible to face highly specialized computing tasks, such as the validation of software translators (compilers); the development of high-integrity software using standard programming languages, for example "C"; the dynamic and static analyses of source code; the estimation of the code coverage index obtained by the testing, and more.

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Conception & planning


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Safety requirements specification


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Software testing


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HINTSW - T&T Systems has been operating for over a decade in the field of functional safety concerning the main industrial sectors and public transport.

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HINTSW division provides highly professional and specialized consultancy in the development of programmable electronic system used in safety-critical applications.

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Safety certification


The safety certification of a system or equipment is often an arduous challenge to win, HINTSW provides all the support and know-how necessary to win.

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HINTSW, drawing from their expertise, offers a wide range of services in the field of vocational training.

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