The safety certification of a system or an apparatus is often a challenge to be won, HINTSW - T & T Systems has a solid experience on the safety certification in the following areas:

  • the railway sector regulated by CEI EN 50126, CEI EN 50128 and CEI EN 50129;
  • the process and oil industry regulated by IEC 61511;
  • the command and control electronic systems regulated by IEC 60730 - Annex H;
  • the machinery regulated by CEI EN 62061;
  • the programmable electronic systems almost always regulated by IEC 61508.

In these areas HINTSW - T & T Systems provides its customers with all the support and know-how needed to successfully meet the challenge of certification.

If the system to be certified includes some software,to  which  security features are assigned, HINTSW - T & T Systems  is able to provide highly specialized support for the software safety certification activity, through the application of  Software Safety Life Cycle, in accordance to the applicable standards (eg: UL 1998, IEC 61508-3, IEC 61511, IEC 62061, IEC 50128, IEC 60730-1 Annex H, etc.), using all methods and techniques for the development and testing, required by those standards.

Finally, as part of the safety certification, HINTSW - T & T Systems performs all validation and verification activities (V & V) and, as an independent organization, can assume the role of "verifier", thus constituting a neutral interface, competent and economically advantageous in dealing with the certification body.

Detailed information:

The offer of HINTSW - T & T Systems, in relation to the main phases of a certification process, is structured as follows:

  • Certificazione-5Conception and definition - in this phase the offer is primarily aimed at system customer and particularly to organizations, authorities, contracting operating companies; these subjects will provide advice and support for:
    • carry out the "Preliminary Hazard Identification and Analysis (PHIA)" and determine the SIL level be allocated to the system;
    • establish the objectives of "Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)" of the system;
    • effettuare gli studi di fattibilità e l'analisi finanziaria;
    • identify the strategies  and the operating and maintenance conditions; 
    • establish the safety management and draw up the related system safety plan; 
    • draw up a possible specifications.
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis - the offer is aimed primarily to industry contractor and subcontractors for which in  this phases and in the later  phases HINTSW - T & T Systems is able to c:
    • undertake the risk analysis related to the project;
    • identify the measures needed to mitigate the risk;
    • establish the register of dangerous situations;
    • according to the needs to perform the following analysis: Fault Tree Analysis, Event Tree and Markov Analysis, FMEA and FMECA Analysis, Reliability Block Diagrams, Reliability and Maintainability Prediction, Hazop Studies.
  • Requirements Definition - at this stage HINTSW - T & T Systems provides consulting to:
    • draw up the specification of the system requirements;
    • draw up the specification of the system security requirements;
    • allocate the system requirements and the safety requirements to the various subsystems and equipements;
    • Certificazione-4establish the system plan validation
    • establish requirements, quality and organization  management
  • Design and Implementation - HINTSW - T & T System provides advice and support for:
    • perform the project planning with the choice of the methodologies and the development techniques;
    • if the project includes the Safety Software, to plan the relevant Safety Life Cycle;
    • write the application safety dossier;
    • assess the reliability and availability of the system;
    • execute the design and the development of the system;
    • write the required documentation.
  • Manufature - HINTSW - T & T Systems provides advice and support for:
    • implement the security plan and the possible  RAMS plan through the reviews, the analyzes, the assessment of the tests and of the data;
    • write the required documentation.
  • Installation - HINTSW - T & T Systems provides advice and support for:
    • carry out the installation plan in accordance with the safety plan.
  • Validation and Acceptance - HINTSW - T & T Systems provides advice and support for:
    • perform the RAM demonstration;
    • perform the validation of the system in accordance to what is established in its validation plan;
    • write any generic safety dossier and the application-specific one (safety case).
  • Certificazione-1Operations and Maintenance - HINTSW - T & T Systems provides advice and support for:
    • carry out the monitoring of the safety performance with the corresponding update of the register of dangerous situations;
    • analyze, evaluate and use of safety statistics and performance.
  • Modifications and Re-implementations - HINTSW - T & T Systems provides advice and support for:
    • consider the safety aspects related to modifications and re-implementations (corrective and evolutionary maintenance) by means of impact analysis.
  • Decommissioning & Disposal - HINTSW - T & T Systems provides advice and support for:
    • write the safety plan for decommissioning;
    • carry out the analysis of dangerous situations and the assessment of risk related to the dismantling.


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