Depending on the operating environment and the type of application, there are different types of safety analysis (safety analysis) characterized by a large number of methods and techniques.
HINTSW -T & T Systems operates in the main industrial sectors and will know the main methods and safety analysis techniques:
  • Process industry;
  • Public trasport;
  • Machinery;
  • Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use;
  • Electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related;
  • Electromedical devices.

Process industry


  • International standards applied: IEC 61511-1;  IEC 61511-2;  IEC 61511-3.
  • European directives: Machinery (2006/42/CE).
  • Analyzes performed: Process Hazard and Risk Assessment.


Public trasport


  • Internationa standards applied: CELENEC EN 50126-1;  CELENEC EN 50128;  CELENEC EN 50129.
  • European directives: HSR (96/48/EC);  CONRAIL (2001/16/EC);  HSR (96/48/EC);  RAIL (2008/57/EC).
  • Analizyes performed: Preliminary Risk AnalysisRisk AnalysisRAMS Analysis.





Automatic electrical controls  


  • International standards applied: EN 60730; IEC 61508.
  • European directives: LVD (2006/95/EC).
  • Analyzes performed: Failure Mode Analisys


Electrical / electronic / programmable electronic safety-related


  • International standards applied: IEC 61508-1.
  • European directives: PED (97/23/CE); ATEX (94/9/CE); Machinery (2006/42/CE); eccetera).
  • Analyzes performed: Hazard and Risk Analysis.


Electromedical devices


  • International standards applied: IEC 60601-1; ISO 14971.
  • European directives: MDD (93/42/CE); EMC (2004/108/CE); LVD (2006/95/EC).
  • Analyzes performed: Risk Management



HINTSW - T&T Systems has been operating for over a decade in the field of functional safety concerning the main industrial sectors and public transport.

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HINTSW division provides highly professional and specialized consultancy in the development of programmable electronic system used in safety-critical applications.

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Safety certification


The safety certification of a system or equipment is often an arduous challenge to win, HINTSW provides all the support and know-how necessary to win.

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HINTSW, drawing from their expertise, offers a wide range of services in the field of vocational training.

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