The railway sector has been one of the first to make conform their own safety standards to the  IEC 61508. From  the conformation process came out a trio of standards (the so-called CENELEC): IEC 50126 / IEC 50128 / IEC 50129.

The setting of these standard differs somewhat from the IEC 61508, as it takes into consideration (especially the first standard of the trio) a broader life cycle (RAMS cycle) than that considered by IEC 61508; in addition to the safety aspects, also considers aspects relating to reliability, availability and maintainability of the system. This approach, in some cases, has generated confusion threatening to overshadow the aspects relating to safety, so as to induce the standardization committees to draw up a guide for the application of the CENELEC CEI EN 50126 to safety, identified with the initials CLC / TR 50126-2.


HINTSW - T & T Systems has a consolidated know-how related to control systems based on programmable electronics; the know-how has been acquired through participation in some important projects and includes a wide range of projects: from the application software used in control centers and in automation and control systems of industrial plants, to field equipment. The main skills related to the functional safety of these systems are the following:

  • Trasporti-pubblici-4Determination of the life cycle of the system RAMS.
  • Determinazione del ciclo di vita di sicurezza del SW.
  • RAMS analysis.
  • HAZOP studies.
  • Development of the system RAMS requirements.
  • Development of the program and management of RAMS.
  • Preliminary analysis of the danger PHA.
  • Development of the system safety plan.
  • Identification and analysis of the danger HIA.
  • Development of the system safety requirements.
  • Development of the plans of V & V of the system and SW.
  • Preparation of the dossier of safety (safety case) for general and specific applications.
  • Perform all verification activities required by the standards (CENELEC EN IEC 50126 / IEC 50128), and compilation of related reports.Trasporti-pubblici-5

HINTSW - T & T Systems has been involved in developing of some important projects in public transport; in some cases the project was inherent in the "core" of the conveyor system, in other cases the project involved complementary systems, but all with a strong correlation to the safety; follow, for example, some of the projects to which HINTSW - T & T Systems has been involved:

  • Trasporti-pubblici-6Telecontrol system of fixed installations of Electric Traction 3 kVcc of S.p.A. RFI ; the  system during the years 2012 and 2013 obtained a double certification of conformity to SIL 2 level of the standards  CENELEC  and  CEI EN 50128.
  • Automation System ATC (Automatic Train Control) and ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) of Minimetrò of Perugia (for Siemens I & S).
  • HMI of subsystems  HVAC and fire of centralized BACS of the Thessaloniki Metro in Greece (in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland Italy).
  • Highway Messina - Palermo: emergency call boxes system, monitoring system and automation of S. Ambrogio gallery.
  • Railway driving simulator developed in collaboration with Dornier for the italian company Ferrovie dello Stato.
  • Validation of three different software compilers of C language made both in the host environment and on target.




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HINTSW - T&T Systems has been operating for over a decade in the field of functional safety concerning the main industrial sectors and public transport.

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HINTSW division provides highly professional and specialized consultancy in the development of programmable electronic system used in safety-critical applications.

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Safety certification


The safety certification of a system or equipment is often an arduous challenge to win, HINTSW provides all the support and know-how necessary to win.

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HINTSW, drawing from their expertise, offers a wide range of services in the field of vocational training.

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